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Swedish Massage 1 hr.........$80        30 minutes.......$45                  

This relaxing therapeutic massage utilizes traditional Swedish massage technique. Ideal for relaxing tense muscles, easing stress and tension, relieving pain, and improving sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage        1hr........ $90        
  Deep tissue massage

The deep tissue massage works on the deeper layers of tension and provides a vital therapeutic benefit. This is ideal for those who are challenged by high levels of daily stress, or suffer from chronic
muscle pain.

Hot Stone Massage     1 hr.......$110      

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Utilizes heat of warmed basalt stones to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, alleviating tension. A truly extraordinary massage, guaranteed to leave you feeling blissfully relaxed and contented.

Prenatal Massage          1 hr.........$80     30 minutes....$50                     9b76c401-6536-49a9-a670-16f1fc70df51

Gentle massage designed for you mothers to be, to alleviate tension caused by the body's normal adjustments during pregnancy(2nd & 3rd trimester only)

Neck and Shoulder Massage    15min.......$20

neck and shoulder massage

Focus on the head, neck and shoulder areas, where we accumulate the most stress and tension

Foot  Reflexology         (15min.......$20) 

foot reflexology

Pressure poinst massage on the feet to help eliminate toxins, restore energy, relax the body. Stimulates the healthy function of internal organs